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Has your business grown and so have your records and information piles? Do you need help figuring out the best way to control and organize your information? Where should you start? Watch as Nitza Medina-Garcia, CRM discusses how to get started down the path to organization in 3 steps!

Looking to Reduce Paper in Your Office? Start with Talking to Your Staff

Many business owners want to be nimble and responsive to the market place, but find that paper is slowing down their progress. Doing business “at the speed of paper” will continue to be a drag on worker productivity, collaboration and their ability to provide exceptional customer service. So, what is a business owner to do?

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 I started out as a records manager in New York City where I ran my own in-house records center. To be closer to my parents, I moved back home to Sacramento where I was recruited to work for Interwoven to help implement iManage records management software for clients around the world. Interwoven was ultimately bought by HP, but that did not change my job, helping businesses implement records management software to suit their particular needs. Over seven years, I became highly skilled at it and decided to obtain the rare Certified Records Manager designation.

During the time of HP’s several reorganizations, I decided it was my time to venture out on my own and focus on my passion of making it easy for people to manage documents, emails and paper files. I founded InfoCompass Business Solutions to be able to give my clients the freedom to focus on what they are really passionate about.

Founder, Nitza Medina-Garcia, Certified Records Manager

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